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What is ColossusXT all about?
COLX is a community-orientated, energy efficient coin with a strong focus on decentralization, privacy, and real-world implementation. It utilizes an energy efficient Proof of Stake 3.0 protocol and a second-tier Masternode network for inclusive community-based governance along with a blockchain based self-funding treasury system ensuring its sustainability. In order to reach this level of usability, COLX is continually evolving.

The goal of COLX is to be an advanced digital currency that is fast, secure, decentralized, private, and connects all of its users for a greater purpose as part of the Colossus Grid.
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We are introducing ColossusXT (COLX) as a privacy-enabled cryptocurrency for the everyday user. Currently, COLX features a number of technologies that benefit users’ privacy and/or the participation of small individual investors in the COLX network – such as obfuscation and a see-saw rewards mechanism for staking nodes and masternodes. The paper will also outline future developments in COLX designed to further enhance its usefulness to individuals and small businesses – most importantly, a decentralized marketplace and Colossus Grid, a decentralized grid computing framework.
PoW Algorithm




Block Time
60 seconds with re-targeting after every block
Total Supply
(From PoW Phase, Incl. Pre-Mine)
12,025,310,000 COLX
Minted Confirmations
Transactions Confirmations

10,000,000 COLX per Masternode  

(Multiple masternodes per wallet, requires a VPS)

Stake Min Age
8 hours
Transaction Fee
10 COLX/kB Coin Fee on transactions
Block 1

12 Billion COLX pre-mined

Reserved for a coin swap and four initial Masternodes.  All initial Masternodes and colx not used in the swap has been destroyed.  No pre-mined colx remains with the development team.

Blocks 2 – 10,124                                    
PoW 2500 Coins per Block for 10,123 Blocks
Blocks 10,125 – 151,200
2500 COLX
Blocks 151,201 – 302,399
1250 COLX
Blocks 302,400 – 388,000
1000 COLX
Blocks 388,000- Infinite
1500 COLX
100% Distributed To Stake Wallet And Masternodes
Until Block 388,000, After Block 388,000 It Will Be 80% (1200 COLX Per Block) (See Masternode Proposals)
10% (150 COLX Per Block) To Masternode Proposals
Masternode Proposals (Decentralized Governance And Budget Funding) Will Begin To Commence On Block > 388,000. Masternode Owners Have To Actively Create Proposals Which Help The Development Of Colx.
10% (150 COLX Per Block) To The Official Developer Fund
Budget Supports Funding The Development Of The ColossusXT Project Toward Our Roadmap Goals And To Cover Maintenance Costs.