ColossusXT a year in review

It brings us great pride knowing that we have reached this milestone. This September marks one year since ColossusXT (COLX) was formed. With the birth of COLX we created a streamlined and efficient organization that leverages existing strengths and builds upon our past successes.

Over the last year, COLX has built new relationships while reinforcing our existing collaborations. We are focused on unifying and improving systems, tools, technologies, and processes — all aimed at building a stronger platform capable of better serving the evolving needs of our clients and the crypto community.

COLX is composed of talented people working in creative new ways to provide exceptional advances in blockchain technologies and service. To this end we have an aggressive roadmap for a community project, and we are happy to report that we have met most of our projected timelines.

A look back on COLX’s phenomenal first year:

  1. ARMIS protocol enters testing
  2. New wallet UI under development
  3. ZeroCoin protocol integrated
  4. Atomic swap technology enabled
  5. Android wallet released
  6. Web wallet released
  7. ColossusXT test-net created
  8. Official COLX store launched
  9. COLX wiki launched
  10. COLX forum launched
  11. COLX governance system launched
  12. First version of the whitepaper conceived
  13. PR / Marketing crowdfund goal achieved
  14. Plaak / Coinspot crowdfund goal achieved
  15. CoinSwitch crowdfund goal achieved
  16. Crypto Emporium crowdfund goal achieved
  17. London Crypto Show crowdfund goal achieved
  18. Cryptopia crowdfund goal achieved
  19. Multiple partnerships secured
  20. Multiple exchanges secured
  21. Coin Swap completed

Looking forward
Reflecting now on our accomplishments, our unified organization is strategically positioned to promote successful collaborations, innovations, and problem solving. Our combined efforts and partnerships with blockchain entities will enable the continuation and further development of ColossusXT’s mission. We will work with purpose to provide services that enrich the crypto experience and pioneer protecting the user through privacy technologies. By focusing on improving operational excellence, we can ensure every client interaction is simple, correct, and direct — delivered with empathy, efficiency, and pride. Our emotional connection to the work motivates us to make a positive impact on the world. Thank you for being part of our unique project.




Chief Compliance Officer for COLX. Got into crypto end 2016, passionate about everything that works binary. Polyglot, developer, gaming and football fanatic. Reponsible for Web-, Bot-, and Business Development and Marketing