ColossusXT – Official Video Introduction released

ColossusXT – Official Video Introduction:

The overarching goal of the COLX community is to provide a private, community‑based cryptocurrency and blockchain platform that forms the foundation of free and sustainable decentralized commerce.
This goal not only includes the core blockchain, but all related applications and ventures constructed on top of the platform. In addition to conforming to our guiding principles, COLX technology will also be heavily oriented towards utility and efficiency, for example:
– Scalability, speed, security and reliability of transactions
– The option to decide between private and transparent transactions
– Adequate rewards for participation in the COLX network and Colossus Grid
– Widespread accessibility and ease of use



Chief Compliance Officer for COLX. Got into crypto end 2016, passionate about everything that works binary. Polyglot, developer, gaming and football fanatic. Reponsible for Web-, Bot-, and Business Development and Marketing