Host and Buy COLX On VAULT Investments Platform

COLX Instant Masternode Shares – Host and Buy COLX On VAULT Investments Platform

We are very happy to announce, that COLX is now listed on VAULT.Investments.

Buy or deposit and host your COLX with a FREE month of instant shared masternode hosting for all COLX holders and any number of COLX coins to VAULT.Investments platform to make it easier for you to try Vault platform!

There is no minimum deposit for masternode shares and you can use reinvest to grow faster by compounding the interest.

VAULT Investments was formed back in June 2019 as an investment platform offering instant masternode shares by using a pool of masternodes set up on the backend, which is the most fair way to ensure that everyone will receive a % of masternode rewards equal to their holding. Coin Packs Deposit BTC and choose an investment pack as the easiest way to invest and start earning straight away. There are packs to suit all budgets and you will be buying from and supporting the ColossusXT coin project directly.

After the free hosting period users can withdraw their COLX or take advantage of:
Low Price Hosting Options With VAULT Coin or Prime Subscription
Users can pay for Prime with VAULT coin and have free hosting on all holdings or alternatively pay in VAULT coin for half price hosting to ensure that they get maximum COLX rewards with no hosting fees deducted.

Check Out VAULT to host and buy COLX
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