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Avantages Of Owning A Masternode

Blockchain technology provides many different ways to earn income. This is the main reason why so many investors are drawn to this space. While most of the bitcoin and altcoin investments require active participation in the market, there are ways to earn passive income. An example would be to run a masternode.

Setting up a masternode starts with selecting an operating system and sending collateral. You can choose to run a masternode from within the COLX desktop wallet or by using third party services like pecuniaplatform.io, ihostmn.com, posmn.com or similar (see partnerships for more info) for prices as low as 0.5$/month with 0 risk thanks to hot/cold wallet setups; this way, you keep your coins (masternode collateral) and rewards coming to your local wallet on your own pc, while third party services run the masternode for you which would also allow you to keep your local wallet offline in the meantime (It is also recommended for starters, for easy installation under 5 minutes). 

Each masternode block reward is 720 COLX, the frequency of rewards depend on the total number of masternodes in the COLX network. For example, everyday 1440 blocks are generated, if there are 200 masternodes online in the network, each would get 1440/200 =~ 7 block rewards per day (7 x 720 COLX = Total 5040 COLX per day). 

Advantages of owning a masternode:


Here are some sources to help you get started:

If you decide to use third party hosting services, please refer to their instructions during masternode setup, which would not take more than 5 minutes for these cases.

Specifications & Features
Consensus Algo Proof of Stake (PoS 3.0)
Hashing Algo Quark
Hardware Mineble No* (but multipool supported)
Block Time  60 seconds
12 Billions COLX on genesis block [reserved for a full swap over from CV2] 40,000,000.00 colx setup of 4 initial masternode. Premine was burnt from coin supply at block 25000.
Max Coin Supply No max. Increases by approx 792 Million (6.6%) in the first year.
Masternodes  ✓ Yes 
Instant Send  ✓ Yes  (SwiftTx)
IPv6 Support  ✓ Yes  (both wallet & masternode)
Decentralized Governance  ✓ Yes (masternode voting / In-wallet governance)
Budget Funding  ✓ Yes  (10% of block reward)
In-Wallet BIP38 Encryption  ✓ Yes  (private key)