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Non-Mandatory Wallet Update: COLX Core version 1.2.0 is now available

COLX Core v1.2.0 is a non-mandatory update to address bugs and introduce minor enhancements that do not require a network change.

Please report bugs using the issue tracker at github:

Download the new relaease for your operating system at:

Notable Changes

Dark UI
Dark user interface.

Wallet now supports fast bootstrap from the latest snapshot in the cloud or from the file.

Governance tab added to the wallet GUI that improves user experience when voting.

Change Log
BIP 130 Direct headers announcement

Add a new message, “sendheaders”, which indicates that a node prefers to receive new block announcements via a “headers” message rather than an “inv”.

Block database corruption
Block database corruption fixed after unexpected shutdown.

Wallet downloads new release into /update folder in the data directory and ask user to open it.

Budget finalization
Random shift was added in the budget finalization process to prevent simultaneous submit by different nodes.

Privacy button in the status bar opens “Main” tab by default

More verbose log
debug.log is more verbose in some cases to highlight useful information.

RPC command listunspent
By default parameter


in the command




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