Exchange listing News

$COLX is now listed on Stex Exchange with $BTC and $USDT market pairs (Open to US traders).

Sign up using this link to contribute for the $COLX development:–> Sign up on Stex Exchange $COLX will be listed on @StexExchangeR on April 28th, 2021 with $BTC and $USDT market pairs (Open to US traders). Sign up using this link to contribute for the #COLX development: Details to follow, have a great weekend!#ColossusXT #CryptoNews […]


Recent Announcements – July 2019 Monthly Update

1) ColossusXT & SWFT Blockchain Trading Competition (July 25, 2019-August 8, 2019); Join SWFT and COLX partnership celebration and you can win up to 200,000 $COLX 2) ColossusXT & SWFT are running a Green Packet campaign for 13 days; get your share from 99999 COLX every day from July 19 to July 31 ! 3) […]


ColossusXT $COLX integration into CryptocurrencyCheckout

Start Accepting easy and fast on your website We are proud to announce that $COLX is integrated into From now on you can accept ColossusXT (COLX) on your website. CryptocurrencyCheckout: What is CryptocurrenyCheckout? CryptocurrencyCheckout is bridging the gap between your Customers and the Blockchain and is a platform that makes it easy to accept Cryptocurrencies […]


ColossusXT Updates for the Week

This community update includes details of all our recent developments which includes Legal Business Status, Exchange Listing Status and Blockchain Developments. Technical Milestones Zerocoin Codebase Uplift (In-Progress) For the Colossus Grid Platform, Zerocoin will provide privacy and anonymity of transactions by ‘minting’ and ‘spending’ a set of pre-defined coin denominations. Zerocoin transactions are then verified […]


ColossusXT announce a partnership with Plaak!

ColossusXT is very excited to announce a partnership with Plaak! Bringing COLX to a biometric hardware wallet! To check it out & pre-order go to For more information see the following medium article/press releases:


ColossusXT Q4 AMA responses are now up on Reddit

The ColossusXT Q4 AMA responses are now up on Reddit. See We look forward to community feedback, and you can find team members in discord daily. Thank you for being a part of the ColossusXT Reddit AMA! Below we will summarize the questions and answers. The team responded to 39 questions! If your question was […]

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