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ColossusXT is a community-driven, privacy-based cryptocurrency project. Privacy is a core value at COLX. 

While many team members have chosen to list their profile here, others have opted to contribute anonymously.


Chief Marketing Officer

Dmitry (cryptowner)

Chief Executive Officer

Tom (Th82)

Chief Finance Officer


Chief Operating Officer


Chief HR Officer


Chief Compliance Officer


Web Developer / Advisor


Blockchain developer




Senior DevOps & Cloud Consultant / Tech Lead

Nate Murphy

Digital Video Production Specialist


Community Management / Marketing
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Emilia Clarke
Alex Metzger
"Colossus is one of the pioneers in the crypto market that has already undergone significant changes and is constantly evolving following the trends of the modern blockchain industry. This review has specified its features, benefits, and goals as well as explained perspectives for future investors. "
Emilia Clarke
Debasish Das
"The Colossus Grid is the company’s most important project. It will work as a network (grid) where users get rewards for their contributions to computing power & storage. In time, it aims to become a major player in the market for distributed computing power and decentralized storage. A sturdy blockchain that guarantees world-class privacy will be its impenetrable foundation."
Emilia Clarke
Peter Aldred
On the COLX App
"Brilliant! Can now use colx on the move... Colx is the best bleeding-edge privacy coin! 'Spread the Grid...' Pass it on..."
Emilia Clarke
Ernesto Palma
"ColossusXT (COLX): is a project that focuses on privacy, efficiently fulfills the task and is oriented on privacy and security, uses the protocol Proof of Stake 3.0 efficiency and security nodes, protects and ensures the personal identity of other users under the code (PII) users are untraceable, all payment processes and transactions are completely anonymous, you can hide your IP and hide your geographic location, be completely invisible on the network. It offers a control of liquids and data that move through Blockchain its evolution in the market is good pointing to a long term success its objective beyond everything, is to be a recognized and faithfully used currency in the market being one of the most decentralized currencies that are currently, its purpose is to have good market liquidity its system allows users to participate in public pools and to be able to mine their currency and with it make use in the exchange platforms. "